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Intergenerational Transfer (Trusts, Estates and Lasting Powers of Attorney)


Our firm handles all issues of intergenerational transfers, including arranging the transfer of ownership and management in family owned businesses and companies, trusts and estates, wills and inheritances and lasting powers of attorney

One of the issues that trouble many is what will happen to their property and family after their demise. The issue becomes even more complex when it comes to a family business and the business owner wishes to train his children to run the business during his life. This requires not only the preparation of a will or a trust, but also an update of the company's conduct to bring in the heirs to manage, including updating the bylaws, preparing the employees and the environment and other actions.

Inter-generational transfer of a business

Handling all issues related to the inter-generational transfer of a business, especially a family business


Preparation of trusts and use as trustee for assets and transactions, including complex international transactions and including payment agent.

Wills and Estates

Our office handles all the issues of wills and realization of wills and inheritances, including inheritance orders and probate of wills, as well as inheritance redistribution agreements in the event that heirs seek to partition the inheritance differently than stated in the will or different than the division under the law, in the absence of a will.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Preparing and signing of lasting powers of attorney

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