Legal Updates 1579 found

November 10, 2019
When it comes to a closely-held company separation can be ordered even without deprivation
November 6, 2019
An agreement of an apartment purchaser who refuses to sign a “handover form” shall not be terminated if full consideration was paid
November 5, 2019
A manager of a corporation is personally liable for environmental criminal offenses of the corporation if did not act to prevent them
November 3, 2019
An exclusive distribution agreement may be unilaterally terminated by a due prior notice without describing the grounds for the termination
November 3, 2019
In a closely held company it is more likely that the corporate veil will be pierced in case of employees’ rights
October 31, 2019
A controlling shareholder is not personally liable for a company’s city tax debt accumulated before the purchase of the shares
October 30, 2019
One may use trademarks of a manufacturer to sell original products or parts thereof after repackaging
October 23, 2019
A holographic will must be all written by the testator including the date in his handwriting and a signature
October 22, 2019
A parental order may not be granted in a way that a minor will have more than two parents
October 15, 2019
An agreement signed on behalf of a company without authority may still obligate the company if it acted upon it
October 13, 2019
A company that is set up to continue the activity of a collapsed company may be liable for its debts
October 10, 2019
A claim of termination due to whistleblowing may only be raised within the 12 months following termination
October 3, 2019
A travel agency is required to provide full written information on a vacation package it sells
October 3, 2019
A tenant’s deception as to his identity is a cause for cancellation of a rental agreement by the landlord
October 2, 2019
Failure of client to furnish the bank with required documents may lead to closing of the account
October 2, 2019
A material part of a franchise agreement is added value of the chain to the franchisee and in lack of which the agreement may be terminated
October 2, 2019
A person aware of a counterfeit but turns a blind eye risks committing copyright infringement himself
October 1, 2019
Signing a document on behalf of a corporation while deviating from permission will usually bind the corporation
September 26, 2019
A parental order will be given retroactively to the time of birth even if due to a technicality the motion was filed only later
September 26, 2019
When the language of an agreement is unclear one may use the preceding term sheet for interpretation
September 24, 2019
A long-term agreement between an artist and a producer will be construed pursuant to the behavior of the parties over the years
September 23, 2019
A creditor is not obligated to inform a guaranteeing corporation of failure to fulfill an underlying obligation
September 22, 2019
Transfer of shares carried out in breach of the company’s bylaws is invalid
September 19, 2019
A purchaser of land that turns the blind eye and does not make checks before the transaction may lose its rights
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