Legal Updates 1602 found

January 21, 2020
A party affected by a breach of contract is not entitled to compensation for a loss that it could have prevented or reduced
January 20, 2020
Upon purchase of a public shell accumulated losses may be used only if there was a commercial base for the purchase
January 15, 2020
An employee who did not return to work after receipt of prior notice of termination is not deemed as resigning
January 8, 2020
Sharing a defamatory post on Facebook is deemed libel
January 6, 2020
Design protection requires a unique innovation and character that is different from other published products
January 5, 2020
Landlord behavior with other tenants does not affect the clear wording of the agreement
January 5, 2020
A bank may close an account of a client that was entered into the American “black list”
January 5, 2020
A foreign company filing a claim in Israel will usually be required to deposit a security for the costs of the defendant
December 29, 2019
A shareholder is not entitled to receive and copy commercial documents even against an NDA
December 19, 2019
In a corporation in liquidation officers may be sued also for causes for which the statute of limitation passed prior to liquidation
December 18, 2019
A waiver entered into under fraud or lack of good faith may not be binding
December 15, 2019
A notarial prenuptial agreement signed before the parties agreed to marry is terminated upon the marriage
December 9, 2019
Payment of a shareholder to some of the creditors of a company that collapsed does not create liability to its debts
December 8, 2019
A power of attorney shall not be revoked if made to ensure existence of a company
December 1, 2019
A property seller is obliged to check the condition of the property prior to the sale to avoid fraudulent inducement of the purchaser
December 1, 2019
Even when an agreement states that it may not be amended other than by a writing it may sometimes be amended by behavior
December 1, 2019
Approval of the general meeting for a transaction in conflict of interest does not cure a flaw in the board of directors’ approval
November 29, 2019
A foreign company filing a claim in Israel will be obligated to deposit a security for the expenses of the defendant
November 12, 2019
The corporate veil will not be pierced when the shareholder acted to rehabilitate it and pay its debts
November 10, 2019
When it comes to a closely-held company separation can be ordered even without deprivation
November 6, 2019
An agreement of an apartment purchaser who refuses to sign a “handover form” shall not be terminated if full consideration was paid
November 5, 2019
A manager of a corporation is personally liable for environmental criminal offenses of the corporation if did not act to prevent them
November 3, 2019
An exclusive distribution agreement may be unilaterally terminated by a due prior notice without describing the grounds for the termination
November 3, 2019
In a closely held company it is more likely that the corporate veil will be pierced in case of employees’ rights
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