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Cryptocurrency, NFT and Web-3


Our firm accompanies entrepreneurs and businessmen engaged in digital currency trading, crypto trade and investments, NFT, blockchain and fintech companies, including the regulation and taxation of organizations and transactions in the fields of blockchain and fintech technology and more.

The unique field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies may confront its practitioners with a variety of unique regulatory challenges and legal issues and our lawyers combine a broad understanding of the technology and its application in practice, and in recent years represented a number of leading companies and entrepreneurs in Israel, from start-ups to established companies, funds and investors.

Despite the great potential in the field, the regulation imposed on the field of crypto is in its infancy and today we are at an important crossroads as many regulators around the world find themselves examining the legal status of currencies and the regulation required, including regarding taxation, money laundering and investor protection. The Israeli Tax Authority and the Israel Securities Authority are also currently undergoing an in-depth examination of the field and its regulatory options. In addition, in the absence of orderly regulation, many legal issues related to the field have never been reviewed in the Courts and no binding holding applies to them.

Therefore, investors in cryptocurrencies and technological entrepreneurs in the field, need professional, efficient and smart guidance from a firm which specializes in the field. Until obtaining regulatory and judicial clarity that will allow the field to reach its economic potential, our firm's lawyers provide the various players in the market with up-to-date and accurate legal advice tailored to the client's needs, including reference to all legal aspects of crypto, and which is designed to neutralize exposure, given minimum cost and in a legal and transparent manner, consistent with the interests of the client.

Our firm assists our various clients in, among other things, advising on formulating anti-money laundering and KYC procedures that will protect the client from criminal offenses, regulatory advice and the process of obtaining licenses for exchanges for cryptocurrencies, commercial agreements (including rights agreements, distribution agreements and related agreements). For trading in cryptocurrencies and related products such as NFT, accompanying mergers and acquisitions of companies developing technology in the field, consulting for ventures including in relation to required licenses, contracts with service providers, product planning to meet regulatory requirements, and recommended outline for introducing product to target markets based on existing regulation and more.

In addition, through our extensive relationships with various law firms around the world, and many business entities in the field, we are able to provide our clients with a channel for up-to-date legal advice, which is not limited to the State of Israel, and allows them to plan their activities abroad properly and legally.

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