Doron Afik, Esq.

Doron Afik, Esq.



Doron’s practice focuses primarily on international IPO’s, international transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution and issues of public law. Also accompanies in the field of cryptocurrency, NFT and Web3.

Doron acted an adjunct professor in the Mergers and Acquisitions course of the EMBA course at the Hebrew University Business School, taught several years at law schools Mergers & Acquisitions and Governmental and Municipal Corporations and other classes.
Doron Taught New York law for over ten years, as well as preparatory courses for the Israel and New York Bar exams.

During the last years Doron served as a director in many companies, including a director at Eurotrade Bank Ltd. SweetIM Technologies Ltd., Optibase Technologies Ltd., Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biofid Ecological Pest Control Ltd. and an observer on the board of directors of Israel Canada Ltd.

Doron is a Lieutenant Colonel of the IDF and serves at a high position in the IDF reserves forces.


  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B, 1998)
  • Arbitration institute and expert opinions (2000)
  • New York State Law School preparation for the New York Bar Association (2000)
  • Alternative dispute resolution seminar of the European Union (2007)
  • ICC Arbitrators Masterclass (2011)


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