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A power of attorney is a document that authorizes another person to act on behalf of the nominee to carry out legal actions for him, either generally or individually for a particular action. When the power of attorney is given to a person who is not a lawyer, the power of attorney must be made before a notary public.

When the power of attorney is intended to ensure the rights of another person (including the authorized person) it can be irrevocable, i.e it cannot be revoked.

A power of attorney can be general or specific. – a general power of attorney allows any action to be taken and it is therefore appropriate to consider whether such power of attorney should be granted. A specific power of attorney, however, is a power of attorney limited to the actions listed therein or in terms of its validity. For example, a specific power of attorney can be granted to a person to sell real estate or a power of attorney to the bank to register a mortgage, as part of a real estate transaction financing process.

Note, that one should not confuse between a notarized power of attorney and a lasting power of attorney (see the section on Intergenerational Transfer), Which is a power of attorney that allows a person to decide who will be responsible for managing his or her affairs if he/she loses his/her legal capacity. Such a power of attorney is not signed before a notary but before any attorney who is authorized to do so (and our office also provides this service) and is subsequently deposit with the Israel Official Guardian. Preparation of a lasting power of attorney requires the use of a qualified attorney, but this is a very basic qualification and therefore it is advisable not to settle for a qualification and only work with a lawyer with many years of experience in the contracts, commercial and litigation fields.

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