Labor Law and Immigration
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Labor Law and Immigration


Legal representation on issues of immigration, residency and citizenship.
Our firm deals with any issue related to immigration into Israel (and may assist also in immigration to the United Kingdom or the United States of America with the assistance of an affiliated firm expertizing in this issue).
Included in such area are issues of entry into Israel, status in Israel, citizenship under the Israeli Law of Return, as a result of marriage to an Israeli or otherwise, and any other immigration related issues.

Representing employers or employees in issues related to labor law, whether at the stage of drafting agreement or in disputes resolution.
Our firm deals with any issue related to labor law. Included in such area are employment agreements, employment disputes, corporate dispute that involve one or more of the shareholders also working for the company, issues of sexual harassment within the workplace, confidentiality and non-competition obligations of employees, private contractor agreements in lieu of employment agreement and issues of existence of employee-employer relationship.

The employees of a business and its intellectual property (including accumulated knowhow) are usually its greatest asset. Careless drafting of agreements with employees infringes on the intellectual property rights of the business and may result in future disputes and sometimes even criminal exposure, both of the business and its managers. It is important to emphasize that the issue of employment of employees in general and terminating their employment in particular is a complex and important issue that requires the receipt of ongoing advice from lawyers experienced in the field to ensure that things are done correctly and legally and do not create any exposure to the employer. Our firm is well acquainted with the field and assists companies and businesses on an ongoing basis, including through the a “retainer package” - regular monthly counseling - which allows avoiding disputes that may cause unrequired expenses (both financial and human resources) in the future and distress to the employer and employee.

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