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In today's reality, the value of any company, startup or product lies in its brand power. Therefore, any owner of a company or inventor of a unique product or service, as well as any creator of a protected work, whether it is a literary, vocal or software code, must, at some point, take steps to protect themselves from third parties who may steal, or make other unauthorized use of, their property. This fact has become increasingly important with the development of the Internet and in the digital age, which allows third parties to copy and use trademarks, products or works in violation of the rights of the owners.

However, many companies, inventors and creators act recklessly when it comes to protecting their intellectual property, submitting incorrect or inappropriate registration requests or submitting them at the wrong time, a fact which can lead to delay of registration, and wasting of valuable time and resources in a futile attempt to achieve intellectual property protection. At times, such reckless actions may even lead to the retrospective discovery that the protection provided is inadequate and does not protect against infringements. Thus, a company can conduct its business unhindered for years, while believing that its intellectual property is protected - only to find out, when it comes to suing a third party for plagiarism or infringement, that the "protection" does not protect at all.

Therefore, and to ensure proper protection of intellectual property, it is advisable to perform a professional examination of the situation and get appropriate advice that will help the business to determine what is the most appropriate and comprehensive protection that can be obtained, as well as what is the most appropriate type of registration for each mark or work in order to endeavor to obtain the most comprehensive defense. It is also important that the examination and preparation be done by a law firm with a thorough understanding of the field and many years of experience.

Our firm provides its clients with full support for individuals and companies in all matters of intellectual property and copyright protection, including accompaniment of artists and other rights holders, including strategic and legal advice on choosing a trademark, examining its suitability for use, submitting trademark applications and accompanying clients throughout the registration process. We also manage dispute resolution in cases of copyright infringement and assistance to companies and individuals in protecting copyright protection, trade secrets and non-physical works.

We manage issues for our client in Israel and abroad, as part of the EALG and with our many years of international experience and connections.

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