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Notarial Original Copy


A notarial copy grants a copy the validity of the original. Confirmation that a copy of a document is identical to the original is sometimes required for presentation of the document to various authorities. A notary can give such approval only if the source was presented to him and he compared it to the copy and found that the documents were identical. Similar to a notarized affidavit (see below), the notary will not approve a document held in a language unknown to him, unless the part which is not written in a language known to him is an immaterial part of the document, in which case it may be possible to give such approval.

Notarial Powers of Attorney

Signing notarial powers of attorney

Notarial signature verification

Execution of documents before a notary public

Execution of documents for use outside Israel

Notarial execution of documents intended for use outside Israel

Life Certificate

Notarial Life Certificates

Testimonial on a negotiable document

Testimonial on a negotiable document

Notarial Affidavit

Execution of notarial affidavits

Notarial translations

Translating and authenticating notarial translations

Notarial wills and testaments

Preparing and execution of notarial wills and testaments

Notarial Prenups

Preparing and approving notarial prenuptial agreements and editing prenuptial agreements for Court approval

Common-Law Marriages Agreements

Common-Law Marriages Agreements, joint parenting agreements and other agreements between spouses who do not want, or cannot, marry


Performing apostille verification for notarized documents

Notaries Regulations (services fee), 1978*

Form of Doctor Certificate under section 4(e) of the Notarization Regulations