Execution of documents for use outside Israel
Notarial Services

Execution of documents for use outside Israel


Israeli law demands that when a document is required to be used outside of Israel and is one of the following, it must be made before a notary: verification of a signature of a document, confirmation of the correctness of a copy, the correctness of inventory, a negotiable document and any document or other action when under law it is to be made before a notary public, including under foreign law.

We provide the service for execution of such documents as well as apostillization procedures for validating these documents for outside of Israel (see the chapter on Apostille). When a document is intended for use outside Israel (e.g., embassy, sale or purchase of real estate or shares outside of Israel, handing over documents for certification or obtaining a certificate outside of Israel, obtaining insurance benefits, etc.), it is important to ascertain whether apostillization is required and if there is doubt, we advise to do the apostillization procedure.

In addition, we also provide services of notarial signing outside Israel of documents for use in Israel (when for this purpose the notary is required to fly to the required country and personally have the person sign there in front of the notary)

Notarial Powers of Attorney

Signing notarial powers of attorney

Notarial signature verification

Execution of documents before a notary public

Notarial Original Copy

Notarial Original Copy

Life Certificate

Notarial Life Certificates

Testimonial on a negotiable document

Testimonial on a negotiable document

Notarial Affidavit

Execution of notarial affidavits

Notarial translations

Translating and authenticating notarial translations

Notarial wills and testaments

Preparing and execution of notarial wills and testaments

Notarial Prenups

Preparing and approving notarial prenuptial agreements and editing prenuptial agreements for Court approval

Common-Law Marriages Agreements

Common-Law Marriages Agreements, joint parenting agreements and other agreements between spouses who do not want, or cannot, marry


Performing apostille verification for notarized documents

Notaries Regulations (services fee), 1978*

Form of Doctor Certificate under section 4(e) of the Notarization Regulations