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Public Law, Environment and Tenders


Unlike a private business, when the State is involved, it is important to ensure that its contracts are entered into in a manner that maximizes the public benefit and prevents corruption and this is one of the key reasons for public entities’ tender requirement. The law sets the criteria for choosing the offer that gives the highest benefit to the tender publisher while maintaining equality. Any player in the field of tenders in Israel need recognize the unique regulatory field requiring the meticulousness following of certain play rules, as any deviation from which may cause the disqualification of a tender offer. To lower costs and reducing the risk of disqualification of the bid it is important to utilize an attorney who expertize not only in tenders but also in contracts and in the areas in which the tender deals and have such attorney accompany the bidder commencing the stage of preparation of the bid and not only from the stage in which things have become complicated and Court proceedings are involved.

Our firm deals with any issue related to public law, environment and tenders. Included in such area are representing government or municipal entities and representing vis-à-vis such entities, immigration issues, hazardous material related issues, representing in criminal procedures related to hazardous materials handling, assisting in preparing tender offers or drafting tenders and Court proceedings related to tenders or to any of the aforedescribed issues.

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