Tax relief in light of the October 2023 war

Tax relief in light of the October 2023 war

October 17, 2023

For your convenience, please see below a compilation of some of the special rules published by the Israeli Tax Authority regarding the October 2023 War.  A more comprehensive list can be found in the publication of the Israeli Board of Auditors dated October 17, 2023.

Subject The Relief
Periodic reports for the month of September 2023 in VAT, deductions and income tax advances At this point, the periodical reporting date has been postponed to 26 October 2023
Periodic reports for VAT only for the month of September 2023 for businesses with a 2022 turnover of less than ILS 50 million Reporting and payment of the periodic report for VAT only for the month of September 2023 has been postponed to November 27, 2023.
Annual reports and financial statements for 2022


For companies, the first submission date set for October 31, 2023 will be postponed to November 30, 2023.

For individuals, the second submission date set for November 30, 2023, will be postponed to December 31, 2023

Regarding capital statements, capital statements which submission deadline was set for September 01, 2023, and on, the deadline for submission will be extended to December 31, 2023, or until the date of submission of the reports for 2022 in accordance with the arrangement of extensions for representatives, whichever is later

Certificates of withholding tax Certificate of withholding tax that expired September 30, 2023, are extended to November 30, 2023.
Tax collection procedures All tax collection proceedings will be held until December 01, 2023, other than exceptional cases with special permission. Note that the linkage and interest will continue to be applied pursuant to the law and it is not cancelation of existing foreclosures or writing off debts but only holding of collection procedures.
Filing of National Insurance report for Q3 2023 Corporations may file until December 31, 2023, instead of November 30, 2023
Postponement of repayments of State guaranteed loans Postponement of up to three months may be sought


The above is just a small part of the rules and we will be happy to assist in any question you may have.