Bat-Yam – The City’s Potential in the Real Estate Aspect

Bat-Yam – The City’s Potential in the Real Estate Aspect

Written by

Roi Dahan
August 2, 2017

Alongside Bat Yam's impressive opening scores, which include an attractive location, future union with the Tel Aviv municipality and sane prices, the city also shows signs of growth and renewal, which are reflected in an accelerated development of infrastructures, upgrading of the education system and flourishing of a diverse leisure culture. All these make Bat Yam a rare opportunity for young couples and investors in the Dan region.

Urban renewal and real estate projects in Bat Yam

Not fewer than 134 TAMA 38 (building rehabilitation) and evacuate and build projects are under way with the Bat Yam municipality. Here are some of the projects already underway today:

  • An evacuate and build plan on the Yoseftal route, in which 1,010 new units will be built in six residential buildings. In five buildings the two lower levels will be commercial or public uses.
  • In the Bilu, Balfour and Simcha Holtzberg streets, 374 new apartments will be built, 20% of which designated for young couples.
  • In the northern city gate complex located on the seashore line, six new buildings will be built to include 564 new apartments. The plan also includes a building for commerce and hotels.

Alongside these, the city is building exciting real estate projects, one of which is the "Sea Park." As part of this project, the plan includes more than 10,000 housing units, a state-of-the-art sports and leisure complex and an industrial zone comprising more than two million square meters of commerce and employment.

City in urban development

The Municipality of Bat Yam places an emphasis on improving the quality of life in the city, focusing on education and culture. The education system in the city has undergone a significant upgrade with an impressive 82% of the students eligible for matriculation. In the field of culture, emphasis has been placed on the establishment of fascinating cultural institutions such as the Fringe Theater, the Center for Multicultural Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, which join the many entertainment venues in the city and upgrade its leisure culture.

Transportation in Bat Yam: Today and in the future

There are two train stations in the city, through which Tel Aviv and other cities can easily be reached and the light rail is to begin operating in 2021. In addition, many bus stops are scattered throughout the city, allowing access to city center, Tel Aviv and other cities.

For passengers in a private vehicle, the city is bordered by Highway 20 and the Jerusalem Road in Jaffa for an easy route to Tel Aviv, Herzliya and other central cities. The proximity to Route 431 also provides convenient access to Rishon LeZion, Modi'in and Jerusalem.

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