Afik News 265 12.09.2018

Afik News 265 12.09.2018


Legislative Updates

August 10, 2018

Material information relating to a business that was concealed during the negotiations for its acquisition is grounds for canceling the transaction

A purchaser purchased a car wash business, immediately after receiving keys and possession of the property began to receive threats of his and family life from criminals in order to stop running the business. In the context of the threats, the criminals revealed that the seller was involved with them, a fact that was not revealed to the purchaser as part of the negotiations for the acquisition of ...

August 7, 2018

Partnership and a right to part of its profits does not require a written agreement and the parties’ conduct may be sufficient to establish such relationship

A software company contracted with a training company in order to cooperate in teaching courses. When the relationship ran aground, the software company claimed that the parties had formed a partnership and therefore it was entitled to half of the profits from the courses, while the training company claimed that it was entitled, at best, to wages for the work done as a supplier...

August 21, 2018

Market distribution in participating in public tenders is a criminal offence also of the managers of the coordinating companies

A number of companies that operated in the water meters market coordinated geographical distribution among the consumers' market, regarding the production, installation, renovation and conversion of water meters. The coordination was reflected in the fact that they decided between them which company would approach which public tender...

August 6, 2018

An operating television set in a public place is not deemed a public performance of protected pieces or infringement of copyrights in them

A company involved in the production and broadcasting of sporting events sought compensation for copyright infringement after a business for fast food presented its broadcasts on a TV screen facing the street...

August 22, 2018

A creation of a hostile sexual environment in the workplace is considered sexual harassment and an employer must prevent it

A medical secretary worked for several years in a state-owned hospital under a senior doctor. During these years the doctor shared too much intimate information about his sexual activity, used to tell dirty jokes in her presence and offended her when he laughed and compared the secretary to a monkey. The secretary did not claim that she was sexually harassed but left her job because of the doctor ...

August 21, 2018

A purchaser of an apartment may withdraw from negotiations even a day before the signing date as long as it is for reasonable grounds

Potential purchasers of an apartment canceled a meeting that was set for the purpose of execution of the sale agreement one day before the set date, inter alia, because they wanted to reduce the transaction’s consideration...