Afik News 269 07.11.2018

Afik News 269 07.11.2018


Legislative Updates

October 7, 2018

A manager in a company that was involved in a civil tort will be personally responsible alongside the company

An Israeli wall tiles company has contracted with an American company to market its products in the United States. At some point, after the American company manager visited the plant in Vietnam, it was discovered that the American company not only acquired a domain with the Israeli company brand, but also sold other products it manufactures in the same Vietnamese manufacturing plant under the same...

October 3, 2018

A trustee in bankruptcy who did not take action on time is estopped from contending against a settlement reached

Foreign banks filed a claim against a bankrupt, not within the bankruptcy case, contending fraud and imposed a lien on companies' assets owned by the bankrupt. Later, the parties executed a compromise agreement but the trustee in the bankruptcy case demanded to cancel the compromise agreement, contending that a bankrupt may not sign such an agreement without the trustee...

August 27, 2018

An employee termination hearing without elaborating the grounds for termination is an empty procedure and will not do

An employee was sexually harassed by another employee and transferred by the employer to another store in the chain. As time passed, for business related reasons, the harasser was also transferred to the store where the harassed employee worked and when the harassed employee refused to work with the harassing employee he was summoned for a hearing.  At the hearing, the employee was confronted with...

September 13, 2018

Unless an agreement to the opposite exists, an agent is not limited from competing with the principal after the end of their relationship

A Swiss market research and market audit company contracted with an Israeli entity who supplied for it services were in Israel, but no contract was signed between the parties. Due to suspicion of dishonesty of the Israeli entity, the company stopped the services and demanded that the Israeli entity does not contact its customers, use any of its data or use its name...

September 27, 2018

A Facebook group operator who lingered to remove defamatory publication may be responsible for the publication

It was posted on a Facebook group that a man was caught stealing and was therefore dismissed from his job. Later, the victim of the publication filed a claim against the group operator contending that although the operator did not publish the publication itself, he took his time to remove the publication and a few hours later published a new post, along with a picture of the defaming publication, ...

October 28, 2018

A person who purchased an apartment for another but registered it in his name is considered to hold the apartment in trust for that person

A man transferred money to his nursing caregiver so that she would buy an apartment for him and write it down in his name, but the caregiver registered the apartment in her name...