Forbes, Israel: Moderation by Doron Afik, Esq. of the Top Forum international conference
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Forbes, Israel: Moderation by Doron Afik, Esq. of the Top Forum international conference

October 10, 2016

The International Conference on Tax Optimization will be held in Israel at the end of the month
As part of the conference that will open on October 26, business owners will be able to receive all the information they need to expand their business abroad.
10/10/2016 | Tailor container
Today's economic reality forces business owners to pay close attention to various business migration options, opening representative offices and establishing credible relationships with European companies. The Wealth TOP FORUM Israel conference dedicated to corporate finance, business immigration, foreign citizenship and international tax planning will be held in this area in October (26-27) in Tel Aviv. The conference is intended for business owners, senior executives of legal, financial companies, trading and auditing companies, banks and those interested in the subtleties of conducting business abroad. The conference will also deal with the exchange of citizenship and the transfer of business abroad, the family part of business performance abroad, the structure of a corporation in international companies, obtaining a FOREX license in Cyprus, the benefits of shipping and registering ships in Cyprus.
As mentioned, today's reality requires businesses to know more about the benefits of doing business in the EU and to choose countries with the most favorable economic, legal and financial conditions. You can do everything on your own and from the beginning. Some business owners choose to review the information and the basis of the laws themselves, and visit abroad in order to study the area. This pioneering path requires a lot of time and expense.

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The conference will help shorten the learning process

The conference to be held at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv will shorten this process. It will be attended by all the experts in the field of business organization process abroad, and it will allow the business owners to get the knowledge they need and create stable business relationships within two days.

The conference will be attended by 300 business people interested in organizing and managing businesses abroad as well as owners of companies operating overseas. In addition, a separate group of participants is invited that includes experts in the field who are willing to tell in detail and share the knowledge Citizenship, temporary residency or permanent answers.

At the conference, participants will learn about and compare different business migration plans. Business owners will also learn to understand legal subtleties involved in running a business abroad and will receive information on new tax planning models, in order to make an accurate and logical choice. Participants will learn from successful examples of veteran companies that have managed to do it right.

Beyond that, attendees will be able to freely consult with experts, and will receive more detailed information on the documentation needed for various overseas business management procedures. And other successful business people, and make helpful connections.