Yediot Aharonot: A family of gunners
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Yediot Aharonot: A family of gunners

May 16, 2021

Everything remains in the family • The father, Lt. Col. (Res.) Doron Afik, is responsible for ensuring that the activity in Gaza harms the civilians as little as possible • His son, Sergeant Guy from the artillery, implements the orders in the field

Corin Elbaz - Alush

"As part of the reserve, I belong to a unit that is responsible for the entire civilian component of the fighting. I am sitting in the war room, at the commander's desk of the Southern Command, and my job is mainly to give advice on how to keep the harm to the Arab population as small as possible." , Who is a lawyer in his civil life.
The son, Sergeant Guy Afik, who serves in the 402nd Battalion, is now in the assembly areas in Gaza. His job is to implement on the ground the commands that come out of the executive table, including his father. "I'm sure, on constant alert, and if necessary willing to cover for anyone who needs to get in," he explains.

Unlike fathers of warriors who sit at home worried and do not know where their sons are, Doron knows almost everything. "I see his battalion, his battery, on my screen," he says, "yesterday we also went down to the area with a car to see the forces. I think Guy was quite surprised to see me suddenly, but for me it was very exciting to see my son, And the truth is that all our other soldiers on the ground are also doing an amazing job. "

Guy admits that he was indeed surprised: "It was strange to suddenly see Dad get out of the car. Not the look I was expecting in the middle of all the preparations. But it also made it a little easier for me to have someone close to me."
Neither the father nor the son are worried that they will not spend the evening together at the holiday table. "I realized there was a curfew," said Guy, "as long as we are at war I do not expect to go home. I will probably do the holiday with my other family - Boaz Battery."

Doron adds: "As it looks at the moment I am also going to spend the holiday with someone who became my second family last week, here at the base. Not bad. We both keep our country happy. We also constantly receive packages from citizens, especially children, to the base, "The heart to see how all the people of Israel are with us - Jews, Muslims, Christians. We are here to protect everyone."