Legal Updates

A consumer is not exempt from payment for an ongoing transaction even if did not actually use the service

November 7, 2023

Customers who did not use the Hot Cable TV's end devices demanded the cancellation of accumulated charges because they did not actually use service.

The Court dismissed the claim because the customers did not send a disconnection notice to the service supplier as requested. Israeli law states that the consumer must give notice of cancellation in the contract in an ongoing transaction which will require the cessation of billing for the service within three business days from the date of giving the cancellation notice. An ongoing transaction allows a service to be available, at the customer's choice. It is not the role of the service provider to monitor the customer and verify actual use of the service. Here, the customers canceled the standing order, unilaterally disconnected the communication devices and paid the debt that had accumulated to that date, but without updating the service supplier regarding their desire to disconnect. The fact that the service was not actually used does not exempt the customer from payment for the ordered service. Therefore, the customers were required to pay the accumulated debt.