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An employer may receive emails of employee concerning the business and not personal affairs of the employee

September 6, 2017

A dismissed employee sent himself by email a confidential database of the employer.  The employer moved the Labor Court who appointed a receiver to seize the computer, cellular phone and personal GMAIL mailbox of the employee. The employer demanded to receive GMAIL correspondence of the employee with third parties to which the employee sent the database.

The Labor Court rejected the employee's objection to expose the list of documents seized during the proceedings and held that the employer has a right to receive them because the data is not related to personal nor private matters of the employee, and because the correspondence that was seized was regarding the employer and the procedure held at the Labor Court. Therefore, the Labor Court ordered the transfer of the findings to the employer for examination, while noting they are relevant and material.

For full disclosure, the office of Afik & Co., attorneys Doron Afik, Yair Aloni and Shira Zaken Porat, represented the employer