Legal Updates

Legal Updates: Minimum wage increased to ILS 5,300 as of December 2017

November 7, 2017

The Knesset approved an amendment to the Minimum Wage Law that commencing December 2017, the minimum wage will increase from ILS 5,000 per month to ILS 5,300. The hourly minimum wage is increased from ILS 26.9 to ILS 28.5. The daily minimum wage is increased from ILS 200 to ILS 212 for a 6 days’ work week, and from ILS 231 to ILS 245 for a 5 days’ work week. The wage increase will take place as of the January 2018 salary.

Under section 6(b) of the law, employers are required to publish a notice of minimum wage at the workplace and update it in accordance with the changes from time to time. The notice must be in a well seen place.