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A safety office may not deviate from the limitation of the license and deviation will lead to suspension of the license

March 29, 2018

A truck driver was killed after the driver failed to secure the truck's crane and the crane hit a bridge that collapsed on the truck and only by miracle, no one else was injured. The Ministry of Transportation suspended the safety officer's license after in a hearing conducted following the accident it was revealed that the safety officer violated various provisions of the Traffic Regulations and the Ministry of Transportation's procedures and the truck was of a size that deviates from the safety officer's license so he was not entitled to supervise it.

The Supreme Court refused to delay the suspension of the license during the appeal, despite the great damage to the freedom of occupation and the ability of the safety officer to earn, in light of the fact that in such cases the public interest - the concern for public safety - must be considered. A traffic safety officer is a link in a chain which purpose is to combat traffic accidents and fatalities on the roads amoxicilline prix. The safety officer breached the terms of his license, including failure to review the drivers at the commencement of their employment, failure to brief drivers and even exceeding the conditions of the license, including in the case of the truck that was involved in the fatal accident. In the absence of explicit authorization to examine vehicles of a certain type, a safety officer must apply to the Ministry for clarifications, before deciding to act based on his view that he may supervise vehicles of this type or the manner of driving them – this is a cornerstone of security rules and the behavior of the safety officer exceeded due standards.