Legal Updates

A member of a non-profit association that does not participate in its activities is not deemed to have retired from it

September 8, 2019

The articles of association of a non-profit association stipulated that a member of the association wishing to resign from the association should notify it in writing, and also set a requirement for a hearing prior to a decision to remove a member. A number of members of the association have not been active in it for many years and have therefore been notified that their membership has expired.
The Supreme Court has held that inaction in a non-profit association does not constitute retirement from it. Obligations for active participation in the association are borne by office holders, such as committee members, who are in charge of managing the association's affairs and who may also be entitled to pay for their activities. Conversely, unless otherwise stated in the association's articles of association, the other members are not obliged to exercise their right to attend general meetings and participate in the activities of the association, and the removal of a member of an association is subject to the grant of a hearing to that member before removal.