Legal Updates

A lessee is required to pay rent even if could not use the property due to a fire

April 4, 2019

A lessee refused to repair damages caused by fire and pay rent for the entire period in which the use was prevented.
The Court ordered the lessee to pay rent for the entire period of the lease and also to cover the full expenses of the repairs in respect of the fire in the rented property. A fire event is a kind of event that can be anticipated. This is whether it is as a result of arson or negligence. The lessee did not insure the property as required under the lease agreement, under which the lessee also undertook to repair at any damage caused to the apartment during the lease period, whether due to its fault or not. The lessee was to anticipate damage from a fire and thus the lessee is to meet its obligations, including paying rent until the end of the contract lease period and cover all the damages caused.