“Smart Money” Grant for Marketing Abroad

“Smart Money” Grant for Marketing Abroad

Written by

Nili Shohet
April 26, 2017

“Smart Money” – ILS 500K Grant for Marketing Abroad
The Ministry of Economy assists with up to 500 thousand ILS (for the China, India and Japan markets up to 1
million ILS), financing marketing expenses and professional accompaniment to enter a new target market or
increasing sales to an existing target market.
Conditions for receiving the cumulative assistance:
 A company incorporated in Israel.
 A company that first markets a product or a service to a new target market. Alternatively, a company
that markets a new product or a service to an existing target market.
 The annual direct export volume, in one of the two calendar years prior to the submission of the
application, is 250,000 US dollars provided that the volume of sales is not higher than 200 million ILS.
Recognized expenses:
 Salary for the marketing manager in the target market.
 Professional consultants.
 Hiring offices and distribution centers
 Collecting information.
 Packaging design, catalogs, advertising films.
 Website targeting the target market.
 Digital marketing (SEO, webinar, campaigns, sponsored
advertising, promotion on social networks, etc.).
 Participation in exhibitions, fairs and conferences.
 Presentation of the products / services, including the establishment of a commercial demonstration
 Regulatory, insurance and legal costs.
Here are some points that summarize the program briefly:
 Grant for expenses to target market ‐ 50% of the total approved plan and not more than ILS 500,000.
In the markets of China, India and Japan ‐ 50% of the total approved plan and not more than ILS
 The assistance will be provided for a period of no less than 24 months. 36 months in China, India and
Japan markets.
 A company whose participation will be approved receives a professional marketing accompaniment
from the Ministry of Economy.
 Recipients of aid will be required to pay royalties if they increase sales in the target markets.
 The deadline for submission of applications is 30/6/17.
Utilization of the program budget will be distributed on a first‐come, first‐served basis. Hurry up and apply!
Nili Shohet
Spark Consulting Ltd.