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AFIK & Co. is a well-respected international business law firm with a reputation for quality, innovation and teamwork. Our experience, our insight and our ability to provide real-time practical business solutions distinguishes us from other firms. Our ability to think outside the box, and the imagination and passion we bring to our work allow us to present our clients with innovative and creative solutions.

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Fields of Practice

  • International Transactions and Dispute Resolution

    Escorting businesses, corporates and joint ventures in their international activities

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  • Taxation and Government Incentives and Funding

    Supply together with experts in the field of guidance as to tax and government benefits and funding.

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  • Commercial, Banking and Financial

    Supply of full and personal guidance to businesses, corporate law, commercial agreements, license and distribution agreements, labor law, structured finance and "over-the-counter" financial derivatives.

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  • High-Tech and Technology

    Representing clients who are in the high tech and technology sector, including developers of software or hardware products and developers of other technologies.

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  • Business, Corporate and Joint Ventures

    Escorting businesses, corporates and joint ventures in the day to day activities and managing corporate disputes.

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  • Public Law, Environment and Tenders

    Assistance in preparing tenders and tender offers, representation of authorities and vis-a-vis authorities or at Courts with regards to tenders, elections and other issues, including environmental and hazardous materials issues.

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Representation in mergers and acquisition transactions, joint venture agreements, investments, complex business transactions and negotiations.

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  • Labor Law

    Representing employers or employees in issues related to labor law, whether at the stage of drafting agreement or in disputes resolution.

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  • Immigration

    Legal representation on issues of immigration, residency and citizenship.

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  • Dispute Resolution

    Representation in resolution of corporate or other disputes, tenders and public law (constitutional law & administrative law), whether at Court or in arbitration in Israel and outside of Israel.

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  • Competition

    Representation in issues related to antitrust, whether at the stage of drafting agreement or in disputes resolution.

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  • Real Estate

    Representation in sale and lease and other real estate related issues, in cooperation with Israeli and other experts.

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